Caring for your new kittens


Here are a few steps to help you and your kitten have the best start possible.


Vaccinations are an essential part of your kitten's health care. We recommend the following:

  • dog icon  9 weeks – Felocell 3 (Feline enteritis, Snuffles, Calicivirus)
  • dog icon  12 weeks – Felocell 3 (Same as above)

Until all the vaccinations have been given you should not let your kitten outside because of the possibility of coming in contact with fatal diseases. Ideally all kittens should be finished their full course of vaccinations by 12weeks of age.

Feline Aids (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia (FeLV) vaccines are available but we see little of these diseases. See the included brochures for more information.

A yearly health check and vaccination is recommended to keep your kitten in good health.


You should worm your kitten every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Then at 4, 6, 9 and 12 months of age. We recommend Drontal or Profender Allwormer every 3 - 6 months for an adult cat.

Flea Treatment

We recommend flea treatment all year round not only as a treatment but as a preventative to keep your house flea free.

Revolution is a reliable flea treatment and can be started from 8 weeks of age and is applied every 4 weeks.


It is important that kittens are fed correctly. Kittens need a good balanced diet to ensure that they get the essential nutrients they require for good growth and development.

Kittens need Kitten food for the first year as they don't stop growing until then. Cats are obligate carnivores and must NOT be fed a vegetarian diet, they require animal protiens in their everyday diet.


We recommend desexing (Spay or Neuter) from 5-6 months of age. This is a good age because kittens are not yet sexually mature.

Desexing can help prevent some behavioural problems, especially fighting and also reduce the amount of stray/wild cats in the area.


Even though it is NOT compulsary to microchip your cat, we highly recommend it. Microchiping is a quick way of identifying an owner if your cat is ever lost, injured or stolen.

Owning a cat is an important responsibility and one that brings lasting rewards. All of us at the Wairakei Road Vet Clinc are here to help you and your kitten have a happy and healthy future together.